Kate McVey

Kate McVey

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I have spent my life following my passions. My background is diverse, and has brought me to where I am today — owner, manager, and worker for KateWorks.

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Being brought up under the adage of “a place for everything and everything in its place” (and having to share a room with a younger sister) I perfected my organizational skills early on.  As a professional organizer, I’m a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and I’ve read about and studied many different organizational styles.

I spent over a hundred hours earning my certification in personal care administration and studying the aging process and what people need in order to keep living independently. When helping my mother move to an assisted living community, I came to understand what giving up “treasures” from a lifetime of memories can mean. The stories people tell about the things they cherish are fascinating to me.

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If you were unexpectedly incapacitated, would your family know where to find your important documents? Organize your records now, so your family won’t have to. Perhaps you have already completed The Conversation Project or the Five Wishes, you’ve appointed your Power of Attorney, and your will is up to date but, if your family and/or friends don’t know where to locate these documents, then their job becomes more difficult. Kate can help you sort through and organize all the necessary documentation to ensure that your family and/or friends can move forward with your final wishes. By working with you to create a Life Documents Organizer, Kate helps you organize and store key life documents such as wills & trusts, health care directives, investment and retirement plans, marital documents and contact information. Alleviate the guesswork and stress of locating important documents in case of an emergency or occurrence of a life-changing event.