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let kate be your personal gardener

kate's approach

A well maintained garden is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. And so — kate gardens! I first meet with a client and discuss their goals. I find their likes and dislikes in the existing garden and talk about specific color schemes that they prefer. I suggest a variety of plants that might work in a difficult or problem area in their space. And then, I get to work to make it happen.

gardening services

  • Trimming & deadheading
  • Weeding
  • Reclaiming neglected gardens
  • Working chemically free
  • Managing perennial gardens by dividing and replanting to ensure continued blooms
  • Seasonal bulb planting
  • Open a garden in the spring and clean it up and bed it down for the winter
  • Dividing and moving plants creating harmonious combinations according to landscape principles.
  • Always remove debris from the site
  • Planting consults
  • Seasonal garden work
  • Specialized custom containers – designed for individual and specific environments and spaces
  • Garden installation and creation