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Can’t find your keys each morning? 
Kate can help.

Organize your children’s rooms
so it’s easy for them to keep them that way

Downsize to a smaller dwelling
perfect for older adults and empty nesters

Move Mom or Dad
into a senior living community

Get your house ready
to rent or go on the market

Organize important documentation
end of life wishes and personal affairs

Organize your   
Office, Garage, Basement, Kitchen, Closets and Drawers

Moving from a large space to a smaller space
at any time in life can be daunting and a task filled with emotion. We do it as partners with the goal of getting you to a better place…either in your current home or a new space.


I begin with an interview. Together we will come up with a list of things that need to be achieved. Listening is the most important tool necessary to start the process. Through a series of questions I can focus on the things that matter most to you. After the interview I have a good overview of where to start. If moving to a new space is the goal, we look at the new space. I measure your current furniture and decide what you want to move and what will fit comfortably. From there, we start to create a vision so that you begin to picture yourself in the new space. After prioritizing, creating a timeline, i create a work plan. After you have approved the work plan, we can work either together as a team or, my staff and I can begin.

As an experienced personal and professional organizer, familiar with retirement communities as well as experience in downsizing large households: empathy, energy and a calming influence are the qualities that make Kate work.

organization services

  • Organize small or large areas
  • Garages and Basements
  • Closets, Pantries, and Cupboards
  • Estate Clearing
  • Getting a house ready for sale
  • Prepare and pack a house for moving
  • Organize and unpack at new home
  • Work with people who hoard
  • Merging households