happy customers. 

Kate did it all when I was getting ready to move into independent living at a CCRC. They made the house look clean and in great condition, even removing old wallpaper from the kitchen.  Then the garden was made lovely again.  Over the last several years I have been unable to attend to my gardens the way I like and so they were very neglected looking.  Kate trimmed, weeded, edged and planted containers so the house looked inviting and warm for the realtor to begin to show.  The house sold in three weeks!
— Pat L., Allentown
I highly recommend Kate not only for her organizational skills, but for her compassion and humanity as well.  Kate came to help me clean and organize my home in preparation for a future tenant… my first.  Her patience with me, her knowledge of recycling, her connections with a variety of nonprofits made what had become an overwhelming task a pleasant experience.  I was especially pleased to know that many of the things I was clearing out of my home were being sent to various organizations for use by other people and animals who needed them. Kate was a godsend to me in more ways then I can express, and she has, in fact, become a friend.
— Diane P., Bethlehem
I’ve been fortunate to have Kate help me for many years, first as a caterer, then as a house sitter, gardener and ultimately as an amazing organizer.  She’s helped me in every room of my house.  She brings an immense amount of energy to the task and is careful to ensure things find an appropriate place–whether still in your house, at an animal shelter, the recycling center, a consignment store or charitable thrift shop (she even gets the receipt to make sure you get a tax deduction.)  No task is too big or small for her to tackle. I trust her to do whatever is best while at the same time helping sort through a lifetime of “things” to get rid of the clutter.
— Dorothy S., Bethlehem
Can you trust Kate to do the right thing at the right moment?  After knowing Kate for nearly thirty years, personally and professionally, I’ve learned that her skills, intuition, and energy are incomparable.  In both happy times and sad times, she’s the one to call.  She did a memorable job of catering my son’s Bar Mitzvah in our home, and years later helped me empty and move out of that same home after a divorce.  Years later, she helped me prepare for another move, a happy one, cross-country.  Kate has always loved her work, in all the endeavors she’s mastered, and that devotion adds another dimension to her expertise.
— Barbara F., Santa Barbara
Did we ever say thank you to the best Major Domo in the business? Come visit us Down Under anytime. Would love to see you.
— Pamela B., Tasmania
I wanted my garden to be a tranquil retreat from the world, a place to heal my spirit. Yet, it had become another drain on my time, more work to be done. I will always remember the day it occurred to me to ask Kate if she had time to work with me in the garden. She came to the rescue, pruning the hedge, taming creeping vines, pulling weeds, and sweeping pathways. She even divided plants that had multiplied, and planted the offspring in other gardens. She has continued to devote time to my garden for several seasons now. Hopefully, she’ll grace our garden with her magic touch for years into the future. Occasionally, after we’ve partnered to work a few hours in the garden, we sit back, a glass of wine in hand, dirty fingernails and all, and relish the work we’ve done and the beauty before us. I love that Kate loves my garden.
— Cheryl D., Bethlehem
Kate has worked with my clients for more than 5 years and for me personally for longer.  I have been a Real Estate agent for 25+ years; Buyers expectations and sellers needs are an ever expanding set of requirements.  From getting the house ready to sell with its myriad downsize, organize and staging tasks, Kate has turned piles into perfection and soothed the nerves of overwhelmed homeowners.

She has done complex overseas moves from tree tops to basement box rooms and pared packrats and trimmed collections so that downsize felt like rightsize.  She has boundless physical energy but the maturity and empathy that the task requires. Kate has made the practice of real estate better for her professional and personal skills.  My clients would agree!
— Barbara F, Bethlehem
Kate. We met while working together in NYC.  So when it became necessary for my brother, who is in poor health, to move, I remembered that Kate owned an organizing company.  No matter how old we get, siblings are always siblings and an older brother does not want to take suggestions and helpful hints from a younger sister.  I knew the stress of trying to get him moved would be too difficult for me.  My brother is a collector and had many categories of items that needed to be sorted and organized before he could even think of moving.  So I called Kate.  She was wonderful.  She kept the sibling tension manageable and made the move nearly stress free for me.  She helped with every step of the move and got him settled into his new home with relative ease.  I am so grateful to her and can’t thank her enough.  Even my brohter was pleased.  We couldn’t have done it without her.
— Elaine C.,  Atlanta
The Good guys would just like to drop a line and tell you how much we appreciate all the work you did for us. Cleaning out an entire house for a relative who was moved into a nursing home is an overwhelming task. Not only did you do a ton of manual labor but eveyrthing was handled in a very professional manner. We really appreciated the fact that very little was not able to be recycled, donated or sold, so very few items had to be just thrown away.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone.  We could not have done the job without your assistance.
— The Good Family,  Allentown
Kate, many thanks to you and your crew for your excellent handling of the cleanout of Gloria’s apartment. Your sensitivity and kindness were very much appreciated.
—  Mary Anne E., Bethlehem